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Your customers deserve a fast website

In fact, increasingly they demand and expect one.

A while back Google announced a new tool: Google TestMySite, to go with their mobile-first algorithm. The mobile-first announcement made us aware that page speed would become an important ranking factor for its mobile-first index. It was rumoured to be going live this year (2018).  And judging from this article: Google mobile-first it’s starting to happen. Soon, Google will rank your website on how fast it delivers on mobile devices, and if it’s not fast, then you’re going to be in trouble.

As you can see from above, our website loads in 4 seconds which delivers ‘Top Performer’ status.

Don’t worry too much for now, but it’s worth following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’re on a fast server. We’ve just moved to a new faster VPS server, and I’m certain this costs less than you’re paying with your current provider.
  2. Activate AMP on your pages
  3. Run TestMySiteWith Google and follow its recommendations (it will even tell you how to make speed improvements to your own website).


TestMySiteWith Google


While we’re discussing improvements to your website, it’s probably best to upgrade your site to HTTPS too. I’ve just done this for one of our sites with a £29 per year option which works surprisingly well (and we’re offering it free to all our customers that host their website with us).

Better still, start planning for HTTP/2. Google and most browsers are ready now: are you?

Want to know more? Talk to your webmaster, or better still, talk to me!


UPDATE: 22/09/2018 – Mobile-First Indexing

Last Thursday I had notification from Google that had been enabled for mobile-first indexing.

Some people are saying that this is not a ranking factor right now, and they’re right, but for how long? Also, having a fast, responsive website will reduce your bounce rate, improve user engagement, and deliver a much better overall experience.

What’s the point of having great SEO if you lose your users due to slow response times? As mentioned earlier, your users both deserve, expect and increasingly, demand a fast website.

TestMySiteWith Google is free, very easy and it only takes a couple of minutes to see how your site stacks up.


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