Optimized websites for mobile devices are now a hot topic in the online marketing world. It’s no wonder, really. I touched on this back in January 2018, but since then more people are relying on their smartphones for everything. From ordering at the drive-through to checking out the latest news on the internet. If you’re interested in finding out what your potential customers are searching for, then it makes sense to focus on mobile optimization.

Mobile optimization is a hot digital marketing buzzword. Meaning that a site has been created to specifically adapt to the device with which the user is utilising to find your business (smartphone or desktop). So why should small businesses take advantage of mobile-specific sites? Well, both the users who use smartphones to shop for local businesses and major search engines like Google are starting to favour mobile-friendly websites.

User Experience

But how can a small or non-professional business benefit from having their website optimized? First, it helps with your SEO efforts because it shows search engines that your site has been customised to suit the needs of a particular device. Secondly, optimized websites give users an experience that is more enjoyable than just browsing a regular website. Imagine being able to browse through a non-optimized website that just displays the standard text on a white background. A person who is viewing your website will have to strain their eyes in order to read the small print. So they won’t be very likely to stay on your site long enough to see any benefits from it.

Why be a speed freak?

The first reason that having your website optimized could benefit your online business lies in the importance of having a fast Google page load time. Google, one of the most popular search engines, has a page load time metric that they use to rate how fast a given webpage takes to load. If you happen to have a site that is designed for a smaller device, like a smartphone, you will likely see a slower page load time. This is because Google bases it’s tests on a 3G connection speed. Obviously, this is much slower than a typical Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, an optimized website will generally run faster on mobile devices. Surprisingly, with some estimates that only 6% of sites are optimized for mobile, there is already a great deal of interest on the web in this regard. But having your website optimized increases your chances of being ahead of your competition. As well as increasing your chances of being picked by users looking for specific items or services. An increase in page speed will more likely translate into more sales as visitors will have a more enjoyable experience an so stay on your site for longer.

The second reason why having your website optimized will benefit your online businesses is because it will help keep your visitors engaged for longer. As previously mentioned, Google has a habit of updating its search algorithm. When Google updates its algorithms, internet users’ ability to find specific information changes dramatically. Optimizing your website will greatly improve the experience that visitors have when navigating from one page to the next, as well as when searching for content. As a result, visitors will spend more time on their computers.

Page load time

Finally, if you want to achieve the highest page load time possible, you need to have a dynamic website. The more dynamic your website, the more users will want to stay on your site. Google has an internal tool called Google Analytics to measure your website performance. This tool measures your bounce rate, which is based on the number of visitors coming to your site and then exiting again within a certain time period, without doing anything. This statistic is extremely important, because it will indicate where you may need to make improvements in order to increase conversion rates.

So, there you have it. Optimized websites are essential for achieving high search engine rankings, increased page views, and dramatic increases in your traffic. Optimized websites are the foundation of many online businesses and can drastically increase your revenue. For a small investment upfront, your website can become an incredibly successful online business.

Now all you need to do is find someone who offers first-class digital marketing services.